Jefferson Avenue Retail Rehabilitation

Client: Urban Improvement Construction
Owner: Green Street, Inc.
Year: 2013

M3 Engineering was part of the team led by UIC for the rehabilitation of an existing 40,000 square foot retail building located on a 6 acre site on Jefferson Avenue. In addition to rehabilitating the existing building, a new 3,000 building was constructed on the site. M3 Engineering performed the site design, which included 8 bioretention facilities designed to reduce stormwater runoff and improve downstream water quality. Other sustainable features included the rotomillingjeff1.jpg and reuse of the existing asphalt parking lot. M3 performed flow and pressure testing for domestic and fire flows, water service design, sanitary sewer design, drainage design, site layout and ADA accessibility design. M3 was also responsible for ensuring that the site layout could accommodate the design vehicle delivery trucks, as well as for securing permits from a variety of public agencies, including the City of St. Louis Street Department, Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, the City of St. Louis Fire Department and utility agencies.

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