St. Louis County ADA Transition Plan

Client: Cole & Associates
Owner: St. Louis County, MO
Year: 2012

M3 Engineering was part of the Cole & Associates team that prepared the ADA Transition Plan for the entire St. Louis County. The purpose of the project was to identify intersections, sidewalks and bus stops that are ADA non-compliant. M3 created a scalable Geodatabase using the ESRI ArcGIS system that allowed the County to increase its existing database to accommodate future volumes of collected data. Hand held field computers were loaded with the ArcGIS database for use by field crews, thus creating a mobile GIS platform. Information such as County right-of-way, aerial background, maintenance/council district and evaluation locations were displayed. The screen included pre-defined pull down menus corresponding to data fields such as type of feature (sidewalk, ramp, etc.), slope, width and condition. The team worked with stakeholders to identify the necessary improvements to overcome ADA barriers, the cost of those improvements and a reasonable schedule for implementation. This included querying the GIS to generate lists, or quantities, of ADA barriers, along with the type of barrier and the required improvement. Unit costs were applied to these quantities to produce construction cost estimates. The query was easily adjusted, as desired, as the Transition Plan was refined. After stakeholders decided what aspects of the Transition Plan were the most important, we applied the preferences to the proposed improvements to generate a prioritized list of projects.

Projects - Transportation