Hollybrook Stream Biostabilization

Client: HDR, Inc.
Year: 2012

As a subconsultant to HDR, M3 staff helped complete the design of Hollybrook stream restoration. The project consisted of bioengineering design services for approximately 1,300 feet of the Hollybrook Tributary of Midland Creek to address severe incising and bank erosion that has resulted in exposed pipe outfalls, loss of property and several mature trees. Engineers and environmental scientists walked the length of the project to take samples, evaluate the existing conditions, and determine the causes of the degradation. Solutions to address the stream’s unstable condition included the use of geotextile-wrapped earth, Newbury riffles for grade control, and recreation of pool/riffle/run complexes. Slopes were stabilized using native grasses, shrubs, and trees with root wads or riprap stone at the toe of embankment. The project was submitted to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and MSD for review.​

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