Green Infrastructure for Transit Oriented Development

Client: H3 Studio
Owner: St. Louis Development Corporation
Year: 2013

M3 Engineering performed an analysis on five separate Metro Link station areas (over 600 acres) to determine green infrastructure requirements to address water quality impacts resulting from proposed development. M3 also developed a plan to provide on-site storage to help alleviate downstream flooding in those areas.

St. Louis Development Corporation is proposing $900M of development around three existing and two proposed Metro Link stations in St. Louis. M3 Engineering studied the potential water quality impacts and the green infrastructure required to mitigate those impacts for the five locations. Each location was studied using a ¼ mile transitshed and a ½ mile transitshed. The five locations included: Arch/Laclede's Landing, Bush Stadium, Cherokee Street, Kingshighway, and Delmar/Debaliviere.

M3 also used MSD records to determine the extent of flooding downstream from the study areas and to develop a plan to provide on-site storage that is integrated with the green infrastructure. M3's plan included implementing $30M of improvements that would include:

  • Bioretention Facilities
  • Permeable Pavement
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Green Roofs
  • Disconnection
  • Buffer Strips

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