West Adams Culvert and Boschert Creek

Client: City of St. Charles, MO
Owner: City of St. Charles, MO
Year: 2013

M3 Engineering was selected to address a failing CMP culvert and 300 feet of eroded creek in St. Charles. After a geomorphic assessment, it was determined that the creek banks suffered from surface erosion, but no major downcutting. The solution to the bank erosion included eradication of invasive species, planting of indigenous species and a program to educate the adjacent residents regarding the damaging effects of dumping yard waste on the banks. At one end of the project, an existing 11' wide by 6' high corrugated steel culvert under West Adams was failing and required replacement. A pre-cast box culvert and a pre-cast arch were considered as replacements. M3 modeled the culvert using HEC-RAS to determine the required dimensions and to ensure there was "no-rise" as a result of the improvements. A third phase of the project included training of city staff to perform field investigation and rapid geomorphic assessments (RGA). The staff can now evaluate other streams in the City to help determine which require major rehabilitation versus simple maintenance.

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