Meramec Tunnel Alignment Study

Client: HDR, Inc.
Owner: Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
Year: 2012

  M3 Engineering Group, as a subconsultant to HDR Inc., utilized GIS and decision-making tools to develop and analyze 14 potential tunnel alignments, along with shaft locations, from the Fenton WWTP to a drop shaft near the Meramec WWTP. The future tunnel is part of a long range treatment plant elimination plan. Custom ArcGIS tools were developed to analyze various opportunities and constraints along the 8 mile corridor. The analysis examined impact to different property types, property buyout costs, easement costs, elimination of pump stations, impact to utilities, subsurface conditions, social concerns and environmental impacts. The relative importance of each opportunity and constraint was established through a series of stakeholders meetings with MSD, and then the 14 alignments were modeled using Criterium Decision Plus, a decision-making software. The preferred alignment was chosen, tunnel shaft locations were identified, and the analysis process was summarized in a technical memorandum.

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