Great Streets Initiative, Grand Center​

Client: Christener, Inc.
Owner: Grand Center, Inc.
Year: 2013

The goal of the Grand Center Great Streets project was to design a streetscape that allows the Grand Center cultural district to maximize the potential economic value represented by the1.5 million arts patrons who visit the neighborhood each year. These visitors now come and leave with few arriving early and virtually none lingering after the events. By creating a pedestrian-embracing environment the hope is to transform the neighborhood into a vibrant entertainment, residential and retail community. ​Stormwater Strategies 2.png

M3 worked with stakeholders to develop creative and alternative methods to capture stormwater runoff and treat it as an important resource and amenity to be enjoyed by the patrons of Grand Center. The results included Green Infrastructure techniques that will blend into the streetscape improvements to provide an attractive and educational approach to stormwater management.

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