Sandfort Creek Trunkmain Replacement

Client: City of St. Charles, MO
Owner: City of St. Charles, MO
Year: 2014

The City of St. Charles, MO evaluated the forcemains within the City limits and found that the stretch of Sandfort Creek Trunkmain from approximately Skinner Industrial Drive to New Town Blvd was beginning to fail and required replacement. The sewer runs in an existing levee along a tributary to Cole Creek and crosses the tributary on the east end of the project. There is approximatley 2,500 feet of asphalt lined 27” corrugated metal pipe that is being replaced. As such, design of the project will require knowledge of sewer design, roadway crossings, levee impact and stream restoration. There may also be a need to incorporate flows from a well that could, in the future, draw down contaminated groundwater near an Ameren substation at Huster Roa.

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