Caulks Creek Pump Station and Force Main Modeling

Client: TWM
Owner: Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

M3, as a sub-consultant to TWM, converted an existing EPANET/EPASWMM Caulks Creek FM model to XPSWMM and evaluated the impacts of proposed upgrades to the Caulks Creek Pump Station A (P-750) on the FM system and seven connected pump stations. The FM system consists of the original 20”and 24” ductile iron pipe (DIP) force main known as Caulks Creek FM built with the original pump station. A new 30”and 36” force main has been or will be built in sections to provide additional capacity and upgrade the original FM. The old FM would be available for emergency or redundant situations if it is rehabilitated. The portion of the existing force main to be rehabilitated extends from Caulks Creek Pump Station A westward to a point near the Missouri American Water Treatment Plant. From this point downstream, two new parallel FMs will be constructed from the Missouri American Water Treatment Plant location to the L-52 Pump Station to replace the original FM and provide redundancy.

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