High Priority Force Main Assessment​​

Client: Pure Technologies
Owner: Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
Year: 2015

M3 was part of the team hired to analyze 36 medium to high priority force mains throughout St. Louis. The project’s goal was to identify and address locations along the force mains that have a high potential for failure due to corrosion and fatigue. Several non-destructive testing techniques were employed to evaluate the force mains, including sending a SmartBall® through the mains to record sonic variations that indicate air pockets and pressure monitors mounted at the pump stations record data used to model the structural cycles of the piping. Once the potential weak points have been verified, plans are prepared to rehabilitate or replace portions of piping. M3 Engineering compiled records and prepared comprehensive drawings to reflect existing conditions, then detailed proposed improvements. M3 was also responsible for mounting the pressure monitoring devices at the pump stations, downloading the data, and then processing it. SmartBall® results indicated several instances of excessively long air pockets. At these locations, M3 performed a hydraulic analysis on the force mains to determine if the main was actually operating under gravity conditions that have led to the unusual length of air pockets. Since some of the force mains lack air valves at appropriate locations, M3 recommended the required air valve to accommodate the force main operating conditions.

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