Stormwater Master Plan Pilot Study. Village of Hardwood Heights

Client: Cardno
Owner: Metropolitan Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
Year: Ongoing

The I-270 North Design Build Project will improve safety and reliability along the interstate from McDonnell Blvd. to Bellefontaine Rd., linking communities and enhancing traffic operations by replacing or rehabilitating aging infrastructure and improving pedestrian accessibility.

M3 Engineering Group was retained by WSP to be part of the MoDOT consultant team for the planning and permitting phase of the design-build project.

M3 delineated watersheds and analyzed 38 outfalls and 16 major stormwater crossings providing MoDOT with opportunities and constraints based on the results, such as level of service and headwater limits. M3 prepared the design and analysis of 194 detention basins and provided an opportunities and constraints matrix for each basin for evaluation in the design-build process.

M3 created a geodatabase that calculated the maximum allowable height of construction equipment at any location along the corridor based on Part 77 FAA requirements.

Bridge and culvert hydraulics were performed for 5 stream crossings, coordinating with MoDOT’s Bridge Division on bridge geometry and design events. M3 provided the data and no-rise certification for SEMA approval.

Technical and methodological support was provided to MoDOT navigating MSD Rules and Regulations. M3 helped to create unifying solutions for unique challenges regarding downstream erosion, effected BMPs, potential problem areas, and the permitting challenges MoDOT faced being a linear development using taxpayer funds as opposed to single source developments using private funding that is typically permitted through MSD.

M3 used GIS tools to determine preliminary wetland identification. LiDAR was used to determine the Total Wetness Index (TWI) in the project corridor. M3 staff used the TWI and field visits to verify the potential for wetlands. M3 was retained as the owner’s consultant to QA/QC the design calculations from the selected team during the design-build phase.

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