Hall Street Storm Sewers

Client: Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
Owner: Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
Year: Ongoing

Stormwater flooding has been a problem along Hall Street since the 1950s, when the development of the area filled in the low-lying area. The stormwater project spans 3.4 miles over five lanes of Hall Street from Grand Avenue to Riverview Drive in North St. Louis, in the North Riverfront Commerce Corridor.

The flooding created dangerous driving conditions and reduced commercial appeal along Hall Street. The causes were determined to be flat roadway in profile and cross section, limited inlets, clogged inlets, and lack of capacity in receiving system.

The project runs directly adjacent to the Mississippi River and includes five combined sewer outfalls that run under Hall Street and discharge into the river.

M3 modeled the combined sewer system using XP-SWMM hydraulic software. Optimizer was used to define and weight criteria and to define the optimized solution.

M3 interviewed the affected property owners and occupants to determine their buy-in, construction needs, to gage their willingness to grant easements, and to determine site specific flooding problems.

M3 delivered an Alignment Technical Memorandum and Modeling Report with the findings and cost comparisons of different solutions that included the use of an abandoned water main. The solution includes the design of 22,000 feet of roadside concrete ditch and 5,000 feet of new sewer ranging from 12-inch to 72-inch in diameter. The project was designed to eliminate flooding to a 20-year level of service.

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