Streambank Stabilization Contract B

Client: City of O’Fallon, MO
Owner: City of O’Fallon, MO
Year: 2016

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District contracted M3 Engineering Group to perform geomorphic assessments, geotechnical evaluation, community outreach, and stabilization design of nine streams that failure risked the integrity of adjacent sanitary sewer infrastructure. The nine projects are detailed below. Each project required extensive outreach to the adjacent property owners and the agencies and municipalities impacted. Biostabilization, wrapped earth with native plantings and live staking were incorporated into the banks above the armoring and in reestablished areas.

Shiva Court Channel Improvements, City of Wildwood, MO – 350-feet of channel stabilization was completed behind 11 properties, 7 of which were at structural risk. The techniques include stacked stone toe protection and retaining walls to stop the widening process.

Harvest Hill, Ballwin, MO – The project proposes to stabilize 740 feet of channel on an unnamed tributary to Fishpot Creek by improving the cross section and using grade controls to restore the natural riffle-pool complex. The banks will be stabilized using a combination of rock block toe with wrapped earth and toe protection with bio-stabilization techniques.

Reynosa Melitta, Unincorp. St. Louis County, MO – The stabilization of 700 feet of the stream tributary to Mattese Creek consists of widening the channel and armoring the toes of both banks. Where the bank heights are lower and there is unimproved adjacent property, it is proposed to use heavy stone revetment at the toe with a stabilized earth slope to tie bank to existing grade. Where grading will have severe impacts to the adjacent properties or existing improvements, stacked stone walls are proposed. Where the banks are approximately 10 to 12 feet high, tiered walls are recommended. The project reach is approximately 700 feet long. New sanitary collection sewer is also proposed.

Larkwood Jaywood Sparrowwood, Unincorp. St. Louis County, MO – The banks of 466 linear feet of an unnamed tributary to Creve Coeur Creek will be stabilized by this project. Placement of a stacked stone wall and wrapped earth is proposed to protect the banks. Rip rap is proposed to protect the existing at-risk gabion basket wall and repair the existing scour hole to prevent further erosion.

Brunston Drive, Unincorporated St. Louis County – The property sits above the bank of West Tributary Mattese Creek and losing soil down the steep bank with a high bedrock elevation. Also, an adjacent culvert and headwall was failing. The project proposed armoring 100-feet of bank above the bedrock with a controlled stormwater outlet to prevent further erosion. The project proposes to replace the failing culvert and headwall and armor the outlet to the stream.

Diplomat Lane Outfall Stabilization, City of Chesterfield, MO – A steep bank was failing in a residential area due to the soil properties and a combination of geomorphic processes created by the retentive properties of the tributary. New storm sewer was designed, and the 280 feet of bank was armored.

Whitney Pointe Drive Channel Improvements, City of Clarkson Valley, MO – Two tributaries converge at the project location. An existing plunge pool was naturally formed by geomorphic processes. To stop the steep banks from failing, risking nearby structures, 150-feet of stacked stone wall, rock lining of the channel bottom, a combination rock vein with armored plunge pool, and a final grade control at the end of the project were incorporated into the design.

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