911 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63101


At M3, we strongly believe in exceeding the expectations of our clients by providing a high quality product at a fair price. We employ a structured​​ quality control process and solid accounting practices as part of our management approach. We will make a difference in the engineering industry by focusing on the quality of our work and exceeding our clients' expectations.


M3's staff has technical expertise in stream biostabilization, rain garden design and use of sustainable construction materials. We have developed a company sustainability program to reduce our carbon footprint and can help our clients do the same. We will make a difference in our environment by living sustainable lives and encouraging others to do so as well.


The employees at M3 are grateful for what they've been given in life. We feel it's important to express that gratitude by giving back. Employees at M3 are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities. Each employee is given eight hours per month of paid leave to volunteer for community service. We have volunteered to build houses for Habitat for Humanity, cleaned up Missouri Rivers through Operation Clean Stream, collected and delivered food through Operation Food Search, and served as mentors for aspiring engineers attending Gateway High School. Additionally, for the past five years, we have hosted a parent's night out for families with special needs children. We will make a difference in our community by volunteering to help those around us who are in need.


An engineering firm is only as good as its employees. At M3, we look for employees that are highly motivated and well trained, with the potential to become some of the best professionals in the engineering industry. We have M3 University, an internal training program and we also finance external training. We reward hard work, and we take time out to relax as well. We also know that employees value their time with family. At M3 we promote a healthy work/life balance. We will make a difference in the lives of our employees by rewarding and encouraging a well rounded and balanced professional and personal life.