Hydrologic Design
Hydraulic Modeling (XP-SWMM, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, HEC-GEORAS)
Master Planning

Storm Sewer System Design
Water Quality Modeling and Design
Sediment Transport

Floodplain Analysis
Permitting (404, 401, Floodplain)
Bridge/Culvert Hydraulics


Flood Mitigation Analysis

M3 Engineering is helping to analyze the flooding issues for a Chicago suburb and to develop potential solutions to help alleviate the problem. The Village of Harwood Heights, IL has suffered from frequent and extensive flooding that has inundated the streets and caused damage to buildings. M3 is using XP-SWMM [...]

Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan

M3 Engineering performed a Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan and an economic analysis for 20 square miles in the City of St. Charles, MO. The purpose of the study was to recommend flood mitigation measures, prioritize stream restoration and determine whether there are steps the City can take to improve water [...]

Bridle Spur Culvert

An existing 785-foot Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) culvert, with a diameter ranging from 66” to 102”, was suffering from severe degradation. The culvert flowline was rusted through for much of the length, and the entrance was damaged during a heavy rain event, requiring an emergency repair. There were also reports [...]

Force Main Condition Assessment And Rehabilitation

After complaints of flooding along Essex Creek, a tributary to Midland Creek in Maryland Heights, MO, the City decided to investigate what measures could be taken to reduce the flooding. M3 Engineering performed the hydrologic analysis, along with a geomorphic investigation of the stream. In order to determine the most [...]

Cole Creek Flood Reduction

M3 Engineering performed an alternatives analysis and design to alleviate flooding of residential and apartment structures along several miles of Cole Creek Cole in the City of St. Charles, MO. Residents along Cole Creek have suffered from flooding for several years, so the City committed to implementing a multifaceted project [...]