4th and Broadway Sidewalks and Overlay

Client: City of St. Louis, MO
Owner: City of St. Louis, MO
Year: 2012

M3 Engineering was selected by the City of St. Louis to help evaluate and improve the corridor along 4th Street and along Broadway from Choteau to Convention Plaza. The corridor is one of the most important and vibrant in downtown St. Louis with several historic and iconic buildings including Bush Stadium, the Edward Jones Dome, the Old Court House and the Eugene Field House. Businesses include hotels, the MAC and an entrance to Lumiere Casino. The project, which includes two miles of asphalt overlay and 4 miles of sidewalk, will ensure the corridor is compliant with current ADA guidelines such as ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines) and PROWAG (Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines). The project includes inspection of all sidewalk and 36 intersections. Filed data is being collected electronically and will be processed using GIS. Construction documents will be prepared for proposed improvements along the corridors. Initial inspection revealed that many locations within the 4th and Broadway corridor appear to be ADA compliant; but there were many more that were not, resulting in a lack of cohesiveness due to sporadic and retrofit improvements. Some deficiencies were obvious, such as a lack curb ramps at an intersection. Others were more subtle, such as trees with low branches or signs with protrusions that are considered obstructions for the visually impaired. Some intersections, such as Locust and Broadway, included curb ramps with detectable warnings, but the location of the ramps forces a wheelchair into a traffic lane. A bus stop in front of the Millennium Hotel had several compliant features, but lacked access to curb ramps at the nearest intersections. These, and other, deficiencies will be addressed as part of the project.

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