M3 helped perform inspection and condition assessment of features included in Lambert Airport’s Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and associated Concourses A, B, C, D and E, the East and West Climate Control Facilities, the parking garages that are adjacent to Terminal’s 1 and 2, and the East (International) and West (Lambert) Electrical Substations.

Prior to inspections, M3 created a custom data collection field application to record findings that could then be downloaded directly into GIS.

In addition to inspections, the project included collecting facility information, reviewing select maintenance records, and interviewing Airport staff knowledgeable of the systems.

The summary report included defining the effective remaining useful life of the component systems of the Airport Facilities, establishing a Facility Condition Index (FCI) benchmark to compare the relative condition of the component systems of the Airport Facilities, and recommending repairs, replacement and improvements to the system components and estimate the costs of the recommendations.