M3 Engineering collected data on 6,000 assets in Forest Park in St. Louis. Assets included buildings, statues, roads, sidewalks, bridges and other park amenities. 24 separate data collection applications were developed using ArcInfo. 120,000 data points were uploaded to ArcMap. Condition Assessment tools were developed that calculate remaining useful life, current value and added useful life resulting from asset investment.

Forest Park assets have been deteriorating for years due to a lack of routine maintenance and repairs. Forest Park Forever, the park management agency, was in need of a system that would identify all assets, their location, condition and investment needs. The field data collection applications were used to collect information on defects associated with the 2,300 assets. The defect information was then used in the condition assessment application by considering the age, level of past investment and level of routine maintenance to determine what improvements were necessary to return each asset to its original useful life curve. Projects were developed and cost estimates prepared to implement the repairs or replacements.