M3 Engineering was part of the team that performed the periodic inspection of the Lindbergh Boulevard Tunnel under runways at Lambert Airport. In 2015 the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) established the National Tunnel Inspection Standards (NTIS) for highway tunnels. The NTIS require tunnel owners to establish an inspection program with the minimum standard to inspect the tunnels, to maintain a tunnel inventory, to report inspection findings to the FHWA, and to correct critical findings found during the inspection. The inspection was performed per the NTIS guidelines, as well as MoDOT guidelines.

Elements that were inspected included: Tunnel Walls, Pre-stressed Concrete Tunnel Roof Girders, Tunnel Portals, Concrete Slab-On Grade, Stormwater Drains and Pumps, Pourable Joint Seals, Concrete Traffic Barriers, Utility Corridor, and Ancillary Building. A Civil and Structural Inspection Report was prepared that included a description of the inspection findings, captioned photographs, forms presenting the Element Level Condition States, and conclusions/recommendations.